Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Adebimpe The Facebook Girl Season 6 {Episode 22 & 23}

I got home and I resumed wooing Benita on whatsapp. I started composing lovely and romantic poems to her just to win her heart. After several conversations all over the weekend, Benita finally gave me the general ladies response, “onihaxy, give me some time to think about it, I will give you feedback when I’m through”.
The following week, I spiced up the relationship between Benita by showering her with gifts, showing unnecessary care and attentions just to win her heart. I started calling almost three times everyday and I suddenly began to feel jealous anytime I see her around any other guy in the bank.
On Wednesday, Benita was absent from work because she went for an interview in another organization and she already took permissions from her team-lead. I was on my seat in the afternoon when Funmi sent me a mail to come over to her office. I suspended what I was doing and I went to meet her.
FUNMI: hi onihaxy.
ME: hi Funmi, I saw your mail,
FUNMI: yeah, I want to send you on an errand to E-business unit to deliver something to Mr Adams.
ME: alright.
FUNMI: ****brought out an envelope from her drawer***, here is it.
ME: **collected it from her and I was about turning back****
FuNMI: that reminds me, where is your wife, I didn’t see her today.
ME: *** surprised **** my wife?, who is that?.
FUNMI: the one you always go home together with and also come to work together with.
ME: ***smiled*** ooooh, Benita?,
FUNMI: yes.
ME: she is not my wife oooooo. She is just a colleague. We happened to stay in the same area. That was why we do go home together.
FUNMI: hmmmm, onihaxy!!!!, just consider the amount you earn monthly, remember that you are still a temporary staff and plan your future well.
ME: ***smiled**** I’m serious funmi, there is nothing between us. Her fiancĂ© even live in same area with us and she would be getting married soon.
FUNMI: well, if you say so.
I left Funmi’s office to deliver her message and returned to my seat to continue with my work.
“Why was funmi asking of Benita from me?
” was she jealous?”
” How did she know benita and I do go home together?”
” Hope I’m not ruining everything?”.
“Well, let me talk to Segun about it.
I held my phone and logged on to whatsapp.
ME: hi sege.
SEGE: how far onihaxy?
ME: I dey jaree. Did you remember the new girl in my workplace I told you about?
SEGE: the one you always go home together with?
ME: yes.
SEGE: ok, what happened to her?
ME: she was absent from work today, Funmi called me to her office and asked me “where is your wife?, I didn’t see her today”.
SEGE: wife kee?
ME: yes. I even pretended as if I didn’t understand and I asked her who she was referring to, she said the lady I always go home and come to office with.
SEGE: chaiii, I smell jealousy. So what was your response?
ME: I replied her that she wasn’t my wife and that we just lived in same area. I even told her that I knew Benita’s fiancĂ© and that she is getting married this year.
SEGE: nice one. Very good response. I already told you onihaxy, paroles within cooperate environment is very complicated. It’s very difficult to handle. The best thing is for you and the girl to keep low profiles when at work, but when you get home, you can switch back to high profile.
ME: don’t mind me jaree, that was my mistake. I was giving her attentions and showing care at office and rumours started spreading.
SEGE: chaiii, you don f--k up. No problem sha. Since you already saved the day today, just try as much as possible to maintain a low profile. If possible, reduce the number of times you guys move out together. You can decide to leave your car at home sometimes just to keep distance. From my observation, funmi was seriously jealous.
ME: ok boss.
I started acting as directed by segun and I began to keep a little distance from Benita. The next day which was Thursday, I didn’t come to office with my car, I left it at home and I told Benita that it was faulty. When we closed, I sent a text to Benita that I won’t be going home immediately because I wanted to visit a tailor in oshodi before going home. Benita left and went home and I started planning to leave about 15 minutes later when I had a call, I checked the screen and it was from Henry. I picked it up.
ME: hello mr henry.
HENRY: hi onihaxy, it’s been a long time, how is work going?
ME: fine sir, and yours?
HENRY: fine too.
ME: how is Daniela and her mum?
HENRY: they are fine and here with me, Daniela never stopped to ask of you.
ME: eeeyah, my lovely Daniela.
HENRY: let me give the phone to mummy Daniela.
ME: ok sir.
BIMPE: Mr. onihaxy, how are you and how is work going?
ME: **frowned*** fine ma.
BiMPE: hope you are hearing from my sister in-law,
ME: yes ma.
BIMPE: ok oooo, daniella want to speak with you.*** gave the phone to daniella***
DANIELLA: hello uncle onihaxy.
ME: my baby, how are you?
DANIELLA: fine sir.
ME: how is studies going?, hope you are reading your books?
DANIELLA: fine sir, I’m reading sir .
ME: that is nice.
DANIELLA: uncle onihaxy, when are you coming to our house?
ME: hmmmmm, when do you want me to come?
BIMPE: **** whispered**** tell him that this weekend
DANIELLA: this weekend.
ME: hmmmmm, your mummy whispered to you abi?
DANIELLA: no sir.
ME: ok, I will come on saturday
DANIELLA: *****felt happy***** will you bring ice cream for me while coming?
ME: no problem dear. I will bring it for you.
DANIELLA: what else will you bring for me?
ME: what else do you want?
DANIELLA: chocolates.
ME: ok dear, no problem. Give the phone to your daddy.
Henry and I spoke for the next four minutes before hanging up and I went home thereafter.
The thoughts of adebimpe and her family woke me up from my bed on saturday morning, I sat up on the bed and several things began to run through my mind.
“I will be going to lekki again”
” I will be seeing that adebimpe again”
” Hope there won’t be any trouble waiting for me?”
” I hope I’m not running into any set up?”.
I called Betty to inform her about my outing, I later had my bath, put on my clothes and gave Adebimpe a call, informing her of my coming.
I left home with the car, first stopped at an eatery along Fadeyi to buy ice cream for Daniela, before stopping at a chocolate spot to purchase more. From there I drove to Lekki without stopping.
I arrived at Henry’s street at around 12pm and was allowed to enter by the security man at the gate. I parked at one side of the house, picked up the nylon containing Daniela’s presents and went inside the house.
“Ko ko ko” I knocked at the door which was soon opened by the new maid. I slowly walked in with a smile.
Daniella was sitting on the sofa watching TV when I entered, she saw me and ran towards me.
“Where is your madam?” I asked the maid and she replied that adebimpe was inside her room, I sat down on the chair with Daniela, gave her the ice cream and chocolates and we began to play. From the look on the maid’s face, I guess she was surprised and must be be wondering who I was that made Daniela to be so free with me.
The maid finally left us and went upstairs to call her madam.
While she left, I sat down on the chair and placed daniella on my laps, we were watching a music channel on the Tv and she was singing alongside. Adebimpe slowly came down from the stairs with the maid. She was looking so weak and feverish, her eyes appeared swollen and her face was so dull. She managed to sit down on a seat closer to us.
DANIELLA: **ran to adebimpe** mummy, uncle Onihaxy brought ice cream and chocolate for me.
ADEBIMPE: ***pulled her closer*** that is nice. I hope you thanked him?
DANIELLA: yes mummy.
ADEBIMPE: ***turned to me*** thanks so much for the gift**** it seems you will take her away to your place and she will be living with you, she is just too playful. ****smiled****
ME: haba, don’t mention now, you know she is more like a daughter to me. Don’t worry, I will take her away.
ADEBIMPE: hmmmmmmm,
MAID: Ma!, can I leave now?
ADEBIMPE: wait, have you offered my guest anything?.
MAID: no ma, I came upstairs to call you immediately he arrived ma.
ADEBIMPE: ok, get him a drink first, then warm the rice and stew in the kitchen, he is going to eat. ***** Her voice changed as if she stored saliva in her mouth***
MAID: ok ma, *****left the place and returned with a bottle of wine and glass cup.
ADEBIMPE: excuse me Onihaxy, I’m coming. ***she left and went to visitor’s toilet.
ME: ***turned to the maid*** what is wrong with your madam?
MAID: she went to spit.
ME: spit?, since when did she started doing that?
MAID: it’s been over two weeks now.
ME: hmmmmmm, ok you can go.
MAID: ok sir. ****left****
My leg was frozen to the ground on hearing that, I looked at Daniela in the eyes and sighed “chaiii, Onihaxy, finally, you are in serious s--t”..
Adebimpe returned back to the living room, still looking very dull and sick, she sat down on the chair and turned to me.
ADEBIMPE: Mr onihaxy, I’m sorry jaree
ME: what happened to you?, what is wrong with you?, I have been noticing you since you came down from the stairs. You aren’t looking bright and active at all.
ADEBIMPE: *** looked at me in an awkward manner*** “Ajala Tan na?” ***meaning: who caused it?*****.
ME: ***pretended as if I didn’t understand**** eeyah. Sorry, it must be fever, hope you have taken some drugs?.
ADEBIMPE: **looked at me in an awkward manner again****, ok Mr. onihaxy, I’m not sick, I was just feeling weak and I went to spit just now because I’m pregnant.
ME: **** felt cold instantly**** hmmmm, congratulations ma.
ADEBIMPE: you are welcome sir.
Adebimpe sat down and was still eyeing me awkwardly while I was forcing myself to crack dry jokes with Daniela. My heart pounded heavily and I soon started sweating.
The maid came to meet us 6 minutes later to inform Adebimpe that food was ready and she was asking if she should serve it. Adebimpe looked at her and said
“don’t worry, I will serve it myself, you can take Daniela to play outside with her toys”. The maid replied saying “ok ma”.
She took daniella away with her ice cream and chocolates and I was looking at them as they walked out of the house. I turned my head back to look at adebimpe and behold, she frowned her face and looked at me as if she wanted to eat me raw.
“Chaiiiiiii, I’m finally in for serious wahala”.

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