Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Adebimpe The Facebook Girl Season 6 {Episode 16}

All through the following week from starting Monday, Adebimpe kept calling my phone and I had no choice than to pick up as I promised Henry. She would always call my phone and engage me in chats, telling me how she felt about me and how she can’t stop thinking of me. She told me that it was when she couldn’t bear my negligence anymore that she decided to involve Henry in the matter. It was getting to a point that I became confused and don’t know where else to turn to.
“Chaiii onihaxy, how will you get out of this web now?”
” Should I start recording our conversations and use it to threatened her?”
” If I decide to ignore her again, what excuse will I give Henry for not picking up if she report me again?”
” Even if I want to fight it, how do I tell the world that I impregnate another man’s wife?”
” If betty ends up hearing this, what will be my fate?”
“If I continue picking her calls, she would soon take over me again”.
” How do I focus on my life and my relationship when Bimpe is still standing on my neck?”
“How do I get out of this web?”
” Is she truly pregnant?”
“How come Henry didn’t talk about the pregnancy when I visited last Sunday?”
” Or was she playing pranks on me?”
” Well, time will tell”
” Its a matter of time, her belly would swell up if she is truly pregnant.”
I moved on with my life and continued with my job until Thursday evening when Segun called me that he would be coming to Lagos on friday the next day. I was so happy and joyous that I would be seeing Segun again. I closed earlier that day and went home to prepare for his arrival.
At around 2pm on Friday afternoon, Segun called to inform me that he had reached Ojota, I gave him the description to my bank in order for him to come and have the key to my apartment. He followed the description and got to the bank at few minutes to 3pm. I came out to meet him outside the bank and we hugged and called each other our bad names, I was so happy to see him and he was happy to see me too. I gave him my key and gave him the description to my house. I told him I have noodles at home and he should prepare it and eat before I come home after the close of business for the day.
Segun looked outside the bank, looked at the cars packed outside and he asked me “onihaxy, where is your car?”, I laughed and told him that I haven’t started bringing it to work because I’m yet to complete my driving class and also collect my license, he smiled and said
” no wahala, we will be cruising the town with it till I return back to Akure”. I smiled and stopped a bike to take him to maryland while I returned back into the banking hall to continue with my task for the day.
I closed in the evening and went home to meet segun, I was so happy seeing him again because he was the only friend I had who understood me and stayed with me throughout thick and thin periods. I stopped by at the shops along my street and purchased ingredients to use in cooking stew.
When I got home, Segun and I continued to gist about the happenings in Akure, we went to the kitchen and cooked together while we continued to gist along the line. We talked about my job, about Betty and so many more topics. When we were through with dinner, I switched on my laptop for us to play “PES” before sleeping. The system was still loading while my phone rang beside Segun, he picked up the phone, checked the screen and looked at me in a very awkward manner,
“onihaxy,your Adebimpe is calling you. I knew it, you will never listen, I knew it that you are still communicating with this witch”.

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