Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Adebimpe The Facebook Girl Season 7 {Episode 10}

ME: *** scared *** funmi, funmi funmi!!!!, stop stop stop stop!!!!!!
FUNMI: ***acting funny and drunk*** my husband, what is it sef?
ME: *** surprised*** Me?, your husband? Haaaaa
FUNMI: you are the one that always complain that I hadn’t been making the move all this while. Now that I need you badly, give it to me like its hot.
ME: haaaaaaa, I’m doomed. What is happening?, what is going on?
Funmi sat down firmly on my laps and her hips was pressing on my d--k. I tried to resist her and push her away because I was caught unaware and unprepared. Funmi’s weight was so much on me that I couldn’t turn around. She was looking at me and laughing out without any iota of guilt or remorse on her face, she went for my shirt buttons and I was left with a mixed feelings of erection and confusion.
“What is going on?”
” Is this act from funmi intentional?”
” No, I don’t think it is”
” She was drunk”
” Yes, she drank to stupor”
” I remembered, she took five bottles of Guinness”
“She must be under influence of alcohol”
” But can just 5 bottles make someone to behave this way?”
” I don’t think she is conscious of what she is doing”
” Or is this not the same funmi who is my boss?”
” Hope this act won’t get me into trouble?”
” Hope it won’t backfire on me at work?”
” Hope she won’t accuse me of molesting her because she was drunk?”
“Hope this act won’t bring enemity between funmi and I?”
“Or how do I explain this strange and unaware adventure?”
I was still lost in my thoughts when funmi finally loosed the whole of my buttons. She pulled my hands and placed them on her b-----s while she went further to lose my belt. This time, my mind wasn’t doing the thinking anymore as I began to gain further erection and I began to get in the mood. She dropped my belt and pulled down my trousers to the knee level while I was still busy manipulating her b-----s. Funmi bent forward and kissed me as her b----t was fully pressing my chest. I could feel the taste and smell of alcohol from her mouth as she was doing this.
I stretched my hands towards the back of her a-s. I forced my hand sideways until it reached the end of her night gown. I raised it up and landed my hand on her c------s. I began to manipulate it and she began to moan. I spent much time on the c------s without finger f-----g her. When I noticed that she had cummed, I gently slide my fingers inside of her and began to dig in and out of her with my finger. Funmi was not only moaning but screaming. I was amazed to discover that her hole was that tight despite the fact that she had children. I was still busy manipulating her with my right finger while I dipped my left finger underneath her chest down to my boxers. I loosed the single botton on the penis hole to bring out my erected penis. I pushed it backward and held with the same hand while I located her entrance and then slide in gently. Funmi let out a loud moan and she pressed forward on me. I held her a-s with my two hands and I was raising it up and pulling it down. I was making funmi to rise and fall on me as we were f-----g in “drunk woman ontop” style.
When her weight was getting to much for me to carry, I pushed her away to make her sleep on her back and I lied on her to f--k her in missionary. The entire s-x lasted for about 15 minutes before I cummed. About 3 minutes after I stood up from funmi, I turned to her side and discovered that she had started sleeping. I stood up and went to her trolley to pick tissue paper and cleaned myself up. I also cleaned up the stains on the bedsheet and pulled down her gown to make her dress properly. I flushed the tissue in the toilet and I sat back on the bed to ponder on all that happened.
“What just happened?”
“Did I just f----d funmi?”
“Haaaaa, my boss!!”
” But she started it now?”
” What if she wake up and denied that she never seduce me?”
” What if she wake up and accuse me of rapeing her?”
I felt back on the bed and couldn’t sleep that night. At 4,O’clock on dot, I left her on her bed as she was still sleeping. I picked up her keys and went outside to open her gate, I returned her key to her living room and I drove out of the building. I stopped the car and I came back to close the gate and returned to my car and I drove off. When I got to the entrance gate of the estate, I was stopped by the security guards and I was told that I won’t be able to go out of the estate until 5am. I had to beg them that I received an emergency call to come nd help to carry a labouring pregnnt woman to hospital for delivery. It was then that they allowed me to go out after searching my car thoroughly. I drove home and arrived at my place at few minutes to 7am. I fell back on my bed and I began to imagine all that happened.

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