Thursday, 20 April 2017

Buhari assure Nigerians of a better country

President Mohammadu Buhari on Thursday in Kano declared that the change agenda of the All Progressive Congress (APC) will no doubt reflect and create an enduring hope to better the lots of Nigerians contrary to insinuation from some quarter.

Buhari in his message during the launch of the North West National Committee of Buhari Support Groups, (NCBSG) said that efforts and dedication of Nigerians will change our country for the better.

The President’s message, read by Senator Ahmed Lawal said, “I’m happy to send this message of thanks and good will to all organizers and participants on the lunching of National Committee of Buhari Support group taking place today in Kano. Your effort and dedication are very well known to me. You are inviting this part of movement on the APC and change agenda. We must change our country for the better.”

“We must stand by regarding ourselves as examples; change begins with you and I and then all of us in Nigeria. You should carry this message to all corners of our country. It is a bottom up operation in our country. Successes at your level is success for all of and our dear country.”

“I wish you a very successful launching and I looking forward to getting up to date reports of your activities”

The Chairman Board of Trustees of NCBSG, Senator Abu Ibrahim who represents Katsina south senatorial district told the group from the north west zone that President Buhari is been endorsed for a major interest that will reflect the creation of a new hope for Nigerians in which his committed and determined to achieve.

According to him, “the group was formed with the mandate to coordinate and organise the affairs of the various Buhari Support Groups that participated in the enthronement and ascension to office of President Muhammadu Buhari through the 2015 election.”

“These pre-existing support groups piloted the grassroots initiatives via which our Dear President’s message of hope was delivered to all the nooks and crannies of the country and we intend to keep them as channels of outreach and feedback between the government and the citizenry.

“It is our desire therefore to use this gathering today as a platform to appreciate and express our profound gratitude to you all.

“When we elected President Muhammadu Buhari into office, we did so with the conviction that our dear nation needed to be put on a new pedestal, for the dreams of our founding fathers to be realised.

“We were convinced of the need to establish a firm foundation upon which a united, peaceful and prosperous nation can be built by, and for, this and succeeding generations of Nigerians. It is in this regard that I must personally commend all of you for your patience and understanding as our Dear President steers us through the difficult steps necessary to achieve this objective.

“The poor management of the country, especially under the watch of the now opposition PDP, is the reason we have had to endure a harsh economic climate. The signs of a decline in the economy were there a clear two years before the 2015 elections.

“It is therefore inexcusable that those who had the responsibility of managing our affairs failed to save for the rainy day and freely helped themselves with our common patrimony, including funds earmarked for restoring peace and security in the land.

“Recent gory news of the recoveries of stolen cash provides proof that some individuals behaved like delinquent juveniles, to paraphrase Mr. President, when they had the opportunity to lead this great nation.

“We must stand firm and resolute to say NEVER AGAIN shall we allow the destiny of Nigeria in the hands of unscrupulous abusers of public trust, wanton riggers of elections and peddlers of thuggery. They should never be allowed to tie down the destiny of this land of inestimable potential, to their whims and caprices. “As you and I know, when they fail to explain away their glaringly failed stewardship, they resort to name-calling. When that doesn’t deter you, they resort to outright blackmail and threats to life and property. It is our collective duty to restore this nation’s pride because we have no choice.

“This land belongs to all of us and we must be proud to work tirelessly to make it better for our children and our children’s children. Let the naysayers know that we shall never give up this God-given right.”

However, Senators from Katsina, Yobe, Ondo as well as house of representative members and some top government dignitaries and politicians graced the launching.

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